Doing your Books Without the Drama. The Devil Wears Prada – The Fun Romantic Drama

Often my new clients think of QuickBooks in one of two ways. Either as a daunting, intimidating software that they will easily and quickly mess up or as a customizable accounting system where they jump in and build it to look like what they think an accounting/bookkeeping system should look like, using their own sense of logic. The first business owner or administrator displays fear and intrepidation of not knowing and knows they don’t know, while the second owner conversely overestimates their accounting abilities and sometimes unknowingly but blissfully bypassing normal accounting rules and regulations. Unfortunately at times there is also the pervasive and simple attitude of “The rules don’t apply to me or my situation. ”

My method of simple, streamlined  Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Today Episode bookkeeping while keeping out the clutter allows businesses to easily review their numbers and understand their revenue and profit or loss so they can make better decisions about their operations. In both cases above one client is cared for with reassurance that QuickBooks can be fixed and they can’t mess up something that bad. Yes I know that there are rare occurrences where starting over is the option, but it has happened only once in my 10 year QuickBooks business experience. The other client is gently molded with more favorable suggestions or highly recommended steps to bring their data file in line with normal accounting structure so that it can benefit both their time and expense.

I actually had to tell one medical Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Today Episode  professional business owner to please not tell their CPA my name because I was embarrassed by how the client set up the file and was politely refusing to do it any other way. He had actually made all of his vendors the chart of accounts and all of the chart of accounts his vendor list. It was really quite creative~! My method is not to judge or scold with stern speeches, but to guide and offer options so the client will understand and equally as important, their CPA and the IRS will not have any questions with regards to their financial file when we are done.

It is Andrea’s big day. She is going to an interview as an assistant at Runway magazine. Miranda interviews her and is the editor in chief for the magazine. Apparently she is a very hard person to please. Prior to Miranda’s arrival to the office Andrea witnessed everyone freaking out in preparation for her arrival. Everyone switched into heels. The newest magazines and newspapers along with a bottled water was poured into a glass on her desk. Her four cups of coffee are waiting for her. Everyone throws out their breakfast and anything else that isn’t related to work. The moment she arrives she gives Emily, her current assistant her coat and a long list of tasks. Then Andrea is called into her office. Her clothes look alright, but they are not acceptable in a fashion magazine work environment. Andrea is a very good writer and hopes this job may get her a journalist position in the future. Miranda takes note of the way she is dressed and asks her what she already knows about the magazine, which is nothing. However, Andrea does get the job.

As soon as she is hired, Miranda calls her Emily, which is the other assistant’s name. She then gives her many complex tasks that need more information before being able to complete them accurately. Things are said so fast that she doesn’t have time to write them down. She is not allowed to ask questions, only to do what she is told.

Miranda calls Amanda on a Saturday night while she is eating with her father. She is expecting Andrea to get a flight out of Miami to New york in the middle of a hurricane. The next day, Miranda then gets very mad at Andrea for not being able to find a flight, which makes her miss her twin’s recital. Andrea then talks to Nigel who gets her many clothes that are in style to get on Mirandas good side. It works.

When dining with her friends, Miranda asks for her to pick up the new prints. Miranda makes a friend while picking them up, which later comes in handy. She is then trusted to bring the fashion book to Miranda’s house along with the dry cleaning. She messes up. She puts the dry cleaning where it belongs, but Miranda’s twins convince her to bring the book to her in the bedroom instead of leaving it on the table. When she goes up, she sees Miranda and her husband arguing. She puts the book on the ground and leaves quickly.

The next morning, she is punished. Miranda makes an impossible request. Her punishment is to get a copy of the new unpublished harry potter book for her twins in one hour or don’t come back to work. Luckily, the friend she made before had connections. She has three books made just in case Miranda wants a copy.

As the benefit dinner approaches, Emily becomes ill so they both must attend which means that she must be absent at her boyfriend’s birthday party. She saves Emily when she cannot remember someone’s name, which gets her on Miranda’s good side. Later that night, she has the opportunity to talk to a journalist that is hiring but goes home instead since she is so late.

Miranda asks Andrea to go to Paris with her instead of Emily, who hasn’t eaten in weeks. Emily is running late and gets hit by a car. She breaks her leg. Andrea lets Emily know in the hospital that she is going to Paris instead of Emily. Will she go to Paris? Will she quit? Watch and find out.

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