Mar 19, 2023
Go Green With Electric Infrared Heaters

Our dependence on energy has always had a significant impact on the environment. From mobile phones to space heaters, everything we use today has its effect on the environment. With energy conservation and pollution control being the need of the hour, we need to look for environmental-friendly products.

When it comes to space heaters, electric infrared heaters are considered as eco-friendly products. The working principle and the physical design of these heaters provide efficient heating, besides ensuring protection to the environment. Some special features of these heaters make them environmental friendly.

Features of electric infrared heaters:
Electric infrared heaters are efficient home heating systems that emit infrared radiation using electricity as the source of energy. They emit safe, clean, odorless and silent radiation. These heaters have environmental-friendly features such as:

Eco-friendly natural radiation: Infrared radiation emitted by these heaters resembles natural radiation from the sun. Unlike other convection heaters, they do not release forced hot air into the room. The radiation directly hits the objects and individuals in the space and gets converted to heat.

No usage of gas or wood: Electric infrared heaters do not require energy sources like gas or wood to emit heat. Thus they save natural sources of energy and maintain the ecological habitats. Depletion of greenery and natural gas supplies which is often associated with extensive use of traditional heaters can be avoided by opting electric infrared heaters.

Do not release destructive fumes: Electric infrared heaters do not emit harmful fumes or chemicals. Conventional heaters like gas, kerosene and oil heaters use combustible fuels like wood and gas which on combustion release harmful gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. However, electric infrared heaters are far away from air pollution, and therefore, are considered as environmentally friendly.

Humidity levels in air: Radiation from electric heaters heats only the objects and not the air; thus, it retains humidity and oxygen levels in air. Whereas, convection heaters reduce the moisture levels and dry up the whole air in the wood heaters room. Moisture-less air allows pollen, dirt and other dust particles to whirl around which may cause health issues. With assured humidity and oxygen levels in air, electric infrared heaters evade any chances of air pollution or health problems.

Energy savings: Electric infrared heaters are good energy-saving systems. With increasing costs of energy, one cannot ignore these modern devices. The latest models include special time setters which allow the system to shut off automatically at preset time. Thus it saves energy and heating costs.

It is our responsibility to use eco-friendly products and save the nature. So, when considering heating options for your home, go green with electric infrared heaters.

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