Nov 25, 2022
How to Kiss a Girl – The Different Kissing Levels

This article is an attempt to categorize males according to the amount of experience of kissing a girl who may obviously be treated as a man’s intimate partner. The call girls in karachi labels of all categories show the various parts of the timeline of each person, but do not necessarily mean that the guy is expected to kiss according to his age. Depending on the actions before, during and after the kiss, one may be able to know to which category he belongs to.

Let us call ‘infant’ level the first category, from the time when a guy has virtually no experience to his first kiss or kisses. A guy in this level is not very aware of how to kiss a girl and more often than not, the girl makes the first move in kissing. A male with infant experience treats kiss as something natural and not intimate, as if it is something that will just happen to any one in the course of his lifetime.

The toddler level is next, when the male has already received some experience of kissing. At this category, the girl still shows the initiative, though the guy involved has somehow grown aware of the kiss but immediately becomes awkwardly shy about it. This is also the case when the male is not sure if he likes the kiss or not.

When a guy is not sure whether he has to enjoy the kiss or resist the embarrassment he feels, he is already at the ‘pre-school’ level – the level of actual learning. Guys under this category usually kiss and tell, then get really pissed off when teased about it.

The level of formal learning to kiss a girl may be called ‘primary school’. This level displays features of ‘pre-school’ but the guy here is already asking how he may be able to kiss better or enjoy kissing a lot more. A guy of this category kisses and will only tell the story about it to his warm circle to learn tips.

When a male acquires considerable amount of experience in kissing girls, he is entered into the ‘teenage’ category. This time, the guy already looks for opportunities to kiss a girl and he experiments on how to kiss a girl. He kisses and tells, and gets really proud about others knowing about it. At times he may not be able to really land a kiss on a girl but acts as though he has done so everyday. He also will readily admit to each and every one he has kissed that he has been able to do the same with other girls.

With more or less the same experience as the ‘teenage’ category, a man who starts to be mature towards kissing now enters ‘young adult’ level. This guy becomes choosy of who to kiss, and sometimes controls the intimacy of the kiss. This is when a male tries to designate types of kiss – for a family member, a friend, a partner, a lover, and maybe the list will go on; he kisses, and when he tells others he usually purposefully drop most details, and if possible, he does different ways of kissing a girl and tries to do these ways with as many girls as he possibly can kiss.

The most mature level is labelled ‘adult’. This adult type of guy is also choosy of who to kiss. When in some cases this guy is asked by his current partner if he has done the same with the previous girl/s of his life, he is careful not to give details or mention comparison. He kisses, but sometimes he acts as though he has never known how to kiss a girl. Furthermore, he enjoys being available for consultation about how to kiss a girl, when the situation calls for it, or when he decides to give tips. A man who can portray an image as though he belongs to the other inexperienced levels of kissing, is considered under the ‘adult’ type.


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