Sep 20, 2022
Installing an Under the Sink Water Filtration system

Implementing a water filtration system in your home is not the difficult task you might think it would be. Following a few basic steps, you will soon have an under the sink water filtration system providing clean and safe water flowing from your tap. The kitchen is probably the most important area of your home to have the cleanest water possible, because the kitchen is where you get most of the water you ingest, either by drinking or cooking.

The first thing you need to do is decide on a filtration unit. There are several levels of filtration systems that apply to the type of contaminates you are trying to remove. Select the filtration cartridge that will best meet your needs by reading the specifications carefully. Armaturen The system you select should be adaptable to several filters of the same configuration. You’ll need to have some tools at the ready – an adjustable wrench or open end wrenches of the proper size to fit the nuts on the plumbing connections, an electric drill and a screwdriver (or screwdriver attachment for the drill). You’ll also need a marker or pencil to mark the location where you would like to unit to be installed. Select the best location under the sink. It should be out of the way for storage purposes, but it will still need to be accessible for periodic changes of the cartridges.

If the wood under the sink is strong enough to support an under the sink water filtration unit, you can mark the spacing for the screws needed to support the system. Drill the specified number of holes with a drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw size. This will ensure a stable, snug fit and proper support for the unit. Align the unit with the holes and insert the screws into the holes, tighten with the screwdriver until the filtration system is stable. If you are able, turn off the cold water flow. If you cannot just turn off the water from your inlet, you’ll need to cut off the water supply at the meter (which requires a special tool available at most hardware stores).

Once the water is turned off, turn on the faucet to allow the excess water in the pipes to drain. Now that the water is turned off, disconnect the cold water inlet at the base of the cabinet. This is usually where hard pipe changes to flexible lines with a cut-off at that point. Have some paper towels or a small pan to catch some of the excess water that will drip from the pipe. Reattach the flexible water line to the outlet point on the filtration unit. Your filtration system should have a flexible line provided with the unit. Attach it to the inlet at the cut-off point and attach the other end to the input point on the filtration unit. Check all your connections and turn on the water supply. If you run a pressure washer business you need complete uptime on your equipment, break downs can be costly if your billing rates are $100 to $150. 00 per hour. If you are bidding by the job there are times when it is absolutely a great profession to be in. That is if your equipment is working properly. Here are some preventative maintenance for your high-pressure hot water skid unit.

Air cleaner:

To clean air cleaner, spray WD-40 on it and beat it against a wall. Beat it two to three times before you spray it then beat it again after spraying. If it’s still dirty, blast it from two feet on the lawn, not on the sidewalk or gutter. (The effluent may go into a storm drain. $10, 000 fine. )

To clean oil-cooling fins, make sure the machine is cool and spray them with a little white wall cleaner you use to clean truck rims with. Three squirts on each side. Then blast it from six inches away without hitting hoses or electrical parts. Use another pressure washer machine to do this. Otherwise you will be spraying cold water on a hot machine, which can crack the block. If you want to use your own unit, turn the heat on full blast. When you reach 200ºF you can start. Try not to get water on the belts or pulleys because the water will make them slip and you will have no pressure to clean with. Also, stay away from electrical wires otherwise it might shock the ever living shit out of you. Trust me. It will definitely wake you up. If you plan on working on your machine for anything more than a simple oil change, do yourself a favor and disconnect the giant red cable on the battery.

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