Sep 24, 2022
Juicing As a form of Weight loss and Weight management

There are so many benefits to fresh juicing and each of these is a means to achieving a healthier you. Here I will focus on juicing as a way to help facilitate weight loss. First and foremost, juicing provides an opportunity for your body to take in a massive amount of nutrients in one sitting and with very little digestion involved. This means that your body will not be wasting energy attempting to digest your food, it will be ready for you to enjoy your day expending energy in whatever healthy, active way you see fit. Juicing provides all the nutrients a body needs and does not use unnecessary energy in the process of absorbing those nutrients, which only means more energy and motivation to get out and move that body. Movement is a proven means of dropping unwanted pounds; the more you move, the more you lose.POP Vapors – Strawberry Watermelon ICE 100ml - VapeStation

There are millions of people in america who are thinking of ways to lose unwanted weight, millions who are thinking they are ready to shed those pounds and move into a new way of living 100ml ejuice
. However, most of these people are looking for a quick fix to their problem, an easy solution, often times a pill. This is not the way to go about losing weight. First of all, nothing comes without work and effort. Weight loss will not come without proper education and knowledge. If you are looking for an easy way out, then this article is not for you. Here I will focus more on lifestyle change and healthy eating patterns which will contribute to a more active, livelier you. Juicing is the first step to take, the easiest step to take in this direction.

Because of patterns that have been established in our society, patterns that involve the consumption of easy, processed foods that are full of additives, the taste for real food has been impacted. Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with flavor, void of preservatives and full of vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy development of cells and the proper elimination of toxins. It is a difficult first step to take to eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables when these are not existing staples in your daily diet. Juicing large amounts of vegetables and fruits is not difficult and truly is a simple undertaking. The first step is committing to trying juicing.

It may seem somewhat overwhelming to think of shopping for the right kinds of vegetables and fruits that would be great in juice, but I will include a beginner juicing list with simple combinations at the end of this article. It is just important to remember that by taking this first step forward, you are making the first step toward truly getting healthy. Losing those unwanted pounds, ridding your body of those damaging toxins, strengthening your ability to fight disease and most importantly for weight loss, speeding up your metabolic rate. The first step is to invest in a new juicer. Chose a juicer that best fits how you imagine yourself juicing, will it be a combination of vegetable and fruit juice, mainly vegetable or primarily fruit? I would suggest making it a combination or primarily vegetable, as natural fruit juice is loaded with sugar, albeit natural sugar, it is still sugar and processed in your body as such. This means it is harder to lose weight if you are taking in a large amount of sugars.

Next, you will want to create a beginner shopping list and have a few initial juicing recipes on hand to follow. It will be important to experiment with tastes and combinations, so that you are able to figure out what you like and dislike. Remember the key to juicing, especially juicing for weight loss, is consistency. The more often you juice, the more regularly you juice, the more results you will see and the faster the weight will come off. Always remember that juicing the same combinations, using only the same fruits and vegetables, can lead to the creation of food allergies, so mixing it up will be important.

A great first step in the vegetable/fruit combination is that of carrots and apples. Carrots and apples are both rather sweet and easily palatable. If you are a beginning juicer, this will be an instant hit. Try this simple straight forward recipe of combining 6 medium carrots, 2 medium apples and if you would like a little zest add about a half inch of fresh ginger. The ginger may be a bit much for your taste buds if you are accustomed to bland foods, but this is a wonderful addition to an already very smooth juice. For a greener variety, try combining a hearty handful of fresh spinach, a few leaves of kale, one medium pear and a few sprigs of parsley. The sweetness of the pear will be appreciated for the novice juicer; the sheer number of vitamins will be greatly appreciated by your body!

A starter grocery bag may contain the following ingredients: carrots, apples, spinach, kale, pears, cucumber, parsley, romaine lettuce and a head of cabbage. The fruits and vegetables listed are all relatively easy beginners and as your body becomes more accustomed to the flavors and varieties of juices available using these, you will then be ready to venture out and add new more adventurous varieties to your shopping cart. Beets are also fantastic in juice, though may be better used a week or two into your new juicing routine.

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