Feb 19, 2023
Outdoor Wicker Furniture Needs Tender Loving Care Too

Outdoor wicker furniture simply means furniture used outside the home whether on a patio, deck, porch, backyard or garden. Wicker has a fine composition that can be damaged or broken easily if not protected from the elements of nature. Some simple steps should be done to protect your wicker furniture and make it long-lasting.

The furniture industry has adopted technology with open arms ever since it was introduced. New materials were presented to maintain furniture in order to avoid undesirable rotting, cracking and being stained. A resin-based type of wicker material is one of the many products of technology which is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. This synthetic based material is similar in appearance to organic wicker. It can also give you beautiful designs and outstanding durability. Yet simple maintenance and care is needed to get your money’s worth in investing for your relaxation.

Taking care of your all-weather outdoor wicker furniture is All Weather Wicker Furniture simple and easy to do. All weather wicker furniture is resistant to hot and cold weather conditions, as well as, ultra violet rays and mildew. Dust settles in furniture when stored away for a period of time Dusting is done before the next step of cleaning begins. The simple combination of water and soap solution cleans your furniture easily. A brush is one useful tool to use in areas which are hard to reach because wicker is interlaced. The furniture is hosed down with water to remove any particles left. Then after, leave your wicker furniture out in the sun to dry for a day to two.

When family vacation time comes and you will be out of your homes for a period of time, furniture covers are important in order to prevent the settlement of dirt and grime on the furniture. Cover your wicker furniture whenever not in use. The cover will also protect your chairs and other furniture from the sun and rain. A painter’s drop cloth which is a large cloth to cover floors and furniture is suggested as protection for dust. An all-weather-proof tarpaulin is also useful. These types of cover are available at hardware stores or any store which sell items for home care. Simple furniture covers will extend the life of your outdoor furniture and will In the long run save you precious time and money.

Applying a clear lacquer or varnish to your wicker furniture will protect it from cracking and breaking. A paintbrush is used to give your furniture an even coating. The furniture is air-dried for at least 24 hours before using the furniture. Your wicker furniture may be placed in some parts or spots of your garden or patio where sunlight rays are minimal. Place your outdoor wicker furniture in your garage, shed or other enclosed area where it is protected from unpleasant elements of the surroundings. The simplicity in the maintenance of outdoor furniture will not take much of your time and energy. Your personal touch and care will be evident in a clean and well maintained furniture

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