Plumbing Problems and Washing Machines

For most of us, running out of clean clothes because the machine stopped working is not something we like to think about because clean clothes have become a necessity. For this reason, the washing machine is considered an essential home appliance. Because machines have many moving parts and connections, sometimes a problem can occur which prevents people from using the machine.

Plumbing problems can be the cause of washing machine failure; however, it is important to make sure it is not an actual problem with the machine before you call a plumber because plumbing maintenance ends where the machine’s problems begin. Troubleshooting the washing machine will indicate whether it is a machine or plumbing issue.

Below is a list of machine problems that you should look at before determining that the cause is a plumbing problem:

1. Check the following components and parts that may be causing washing machine problems: leaky water supply valve, kinks in the water inlet hose, hose filters at the end of the hose may have debris build-up, filters at the water inlet valve on the machine Seattle Plumber  may have debris build-up, water inlet valve may be corroded, and check the hose connections to make sure they are properly connected.

2. One problem that can occur with a machine is it will no longer fill up with water. Before you call a plumber, you should check to see if the problem is with the washer and not the plumbing. If your washing machine is not filling up with water, you should check to see if you have low water pressure. The water pressure system controls the quantity of water in the machine.

3. You should check the water pump because a machine that will not empty the water may have a water pump that is no longer working properly. Have the water pump looked at by a service professional.

4. If the compartments for soap or the fabric conditioner are always full of water, it may be the result of a blocked drain.

5. If you are washing your clothing and they are still coming out dirty, you may have a partly blocked water pump. The washing machine will be working as normal; however the blockage is stopping the water from coming through during the wash cycle.

Machines are connected to the plumbing system because they need a hot and cold water feed. Sometimes problems can develop that can either be caused by the plumbing system or it could be a problem with the washing machine itself. If you have gone through all potential problems that could be related to the machine and you still have not found the problem, it is wise to call in a plumber as the cause could be a plumbing problem. A plumber will be able to determine the cause of the plumbing such as a blockage in the water line. If there is no plumbing problem and the plumber also checked the machine and still could not find the cause of the problem, you will be referred to a washing machine expert such as a service technician.


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