Real Estate Online Courses – The Negative Evaluation Of Deals For Short Sales

Real estate online courses vary significantly with regards to learning about the evaluation of short sales. For example, it is possible to take a web based training course in real estate and it’ll only let you know the simple points regarding how to analyze your client’s short sale.

Even so, there are often two sides of the fence and It is best to glance down each side simply because you will see a huge quantity of knowledge to help expand your career in real estate. These two sides are a realtor as well as being an investor.

You simply get this a course in miracles knowledge by practical application most all the time, but after you have this knowledge it will likely be very helpful to you for today’s market.

Crucial negative factors to the evaluation of deals:

1.the mortgage needs a short sale to generate equity and also the seller/debtor would like cash.

Well this is impossible because the lender will discount and allow the seller/debtor a some of money in the process.

2.The seller will not sign all of the disclosures, contracts, hold harmless agreement for investors and an investor purchase and sale agreement which sometimes happens with realtors as well.

In my experience, in this case the property owner is really not willing or made up his/her mind to vacate the premises and what they really don’t understand, some realtors have a hard time with this as well, buying a property is a real estate transaction, working the short sale is a financial transaction.

3.Angry distrusting seller with too many emotions they may say yes today and change their minds tomorrow.

Although very few sellers fit this category, you cannot run a business dealing with angry people looking to point the finger at you with blame for their situation.

4.A spouse is involved, not willing to sign disclosure package or contract

we all know both must be aligned to sell the house and believe In the-walk-away plan. There could be legal challenges resulting from the person who is not fully disclosed and or willing.

5.The seller demands their attorney be involved through every minuscule detail

first let me disclose that in an “attorney” state, document flow will have to be passed through an attorney anyway and this is absolutely no issue, but the issue is consistently having to explain, pamper and spend time in conversation with someone who questions everything.

Almost all real estate courses online do not tell you these kinds of things.

Remember this just requires you to think several moves ahead, with offenses and defensive strategies, and your pieces have different strengths and weaknesses. Our short sale game has very replicable variables and only actual time spent on deals will give you the wisdom you need to get 8 out of 10 active short sales to close.

Remember this when searching for courses online…


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