The ultimate Corporate Dating Game – Job Interviews

The job Search Process 10-panel drug testing has changed dramatically with the introduction of Social networking groups such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook that are allowing both individuals and employers to quickly network and connect. There is a old and timely quote; first impressions are lasting impressions. I always ask my candidate clients, why should a potential desirable mate choose you rather than someone else? What desirable qualities do you possess that make you a desirable mate? You will not get a second chance to make a positive impression with an employer whose ultimate goal is to disqualify undesirable employees. Why do you continue you wearing dirty old shoes in an important interview? Why do continue to use an outdated resume with no achievements listed and with countless spelling errors? Why do you have personal pictures on your Facebook Profile that can be seen by potential employers? Why do you use foul language? Are you making unreasonable salary demands or worse lying about your qualifications?Handwriting Text the Best Employer. Concept Meaning Created Workplace  Showing Feel Heard and Empowered Picture Photo Stock Image - Image of  productivity, pick: 164072735

Interviews with companies are very much like dating because both involve making first impressions. Many years ago, I worked with a major U. S Software corporate client that wanted to hire a talented Marketing Professional. This individual took a plane flight 3 am in order to interview the senior vice president in California. I had strongly advised the individual to take a flight the night before in order to avoid jetlag which he did not. The next day, I called the company to find out how things worked out for the candidate. The interview was a complete disaster according to the Director of Human resources. It appears that the gentleman was considered a sloppy dresser who had dry cleaning tags still attached to his suit! There are many dumb reasons why people are unsuccessful in getting great job offers. Rudeness, lack of preparation, no strategy, negative internet public profiles, lack of effort, poor networking skills are just some of the dumb reasons why people are quickly disqualified.

A well planned job search involves preparation, practice and strategy. Its about understanding your audience by putting yourself in their shoes. Its about learning new skills and making new friends who can help make your job search successful through a group effort rather than a lonely, fruitless journey. The more objective you are about yourself, the easier it will be to determine a successful job search strategy that works well for you. Your job search strategy must continually be revised in order to achieve the ultimate goal; a well paying job. Knowing what your competitive advantage is an important first step in uncovering the secrets of your successful competitive search strategies. It will ultimately make it easier for an employer to disqualify 80% of your competition and hire you.

If you have tried all these tips and no job offer has materialized, then you must seriously consider hiring a career coach who can provide personal one on one coaching. A career coach can quickly personalize job search strategies that will ultimately save a lot of time but more importantly achieve great results. Everyone at some point in their career realize that they do not have all the answers. My personal experience with my career coach many years ago proved to be a dramatic, life changing experience that ultimately resulted in changing careers and becoming a recruiter. Many people spend money on sporting events or careers but are in denial when it comes to their careers. This mistake can prove to be quite costly resulting in financial problems and marriage breakdowns. The problem is more than just about an unsuccessful job search but emotional baggage and denial that requires the recognition and support of friends, family, and professionals who want to help. Finding a great job requires effort and creativity that will be handsomely be rewarded. Are you not worth that investment of time and money? This is an invaluable, life long skill that will enable any individual in any profession or age group to be able to overcome the fear and frustration of impersonal job search that may prove to be a life changing, positive experience.

Josie Erent is the president of Talented Minds, a division of Silicon Executive Search. This is a boutique search firms that has helped hundreds of candidates obtain great career opportunities in major cities across United State and Canada. She encourages both candidates and corporate clients to contact here directly regarding her recruitment practice. She is currently participating in various Social networking groups such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter that are revolutionizing the Social networking Scene. She also welcome comments regarding her articles. If you have subject that you would like to discuss, contact her directly using the contact information below. For personal one on one coaching consultation, please feel free to contact her directly. Happy Job Hunting.

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